Thursday, July 11, 2024

Bringing the dogs home

I stopped in late at CC's home to feed the dogs.  I had slept in after sunrise and it was too warm to walk them by the time I got to them.  I packed up  a few things from my room, took both Fritz and Gretchen, and drove them over to their new abode.  I had left my scent all over the house the night before and now it was their turn to sniff it out.

Both were curious, as expected, but weren't panicked.  They did, however, follow me everywhere.  They shadowed me from room to room.  I tethered Gretchen up to the backyard and let Fritz roam freely.  I showed them where the toilets were, and by early evening both were comfortable next to me on the sectional couch.

And that is where I fell asleep again, second night in a row. Gretchen slept on my left side and Fritz on my right side.  That is how it was in the RV as well. 

It's a quiet neighborhood.  I heard no street traffic, dogs barking, or even coyotes howling.  And while I know I have neighbors as I can see some rooftops, the desert flora hides the view.  I thought of Kevin who enjoyed going in the back yard to pee in private.  He would love this opportunity so much!

This morning I awoke to a hazy sunrise (Whetstone fire smoke?) and haze from the dust later.  I met Steve at the old house at 8am so he could fix my Escape tire.  He looked tired. We met later on in town for dinner and the dust was still blowing.  The storm that blew in early evening brought with it silt, which left my truck filthy.

Tonight I slept in the master bedroom, again with both dogs on either side of me.  Both seem comfortable now in the home but Fritz still watches my every move.

I still have the other four dogs to bring over this weekend.