Sunday, September 17, 2023

Bisbee Loop

 It's been a month since I walked the stairs with Bill.  Today we agreed to 6am in front of the courthouse.  There were many people out in the streets for morning walks, but many were also curious tourists, the most so far on our Sunday walks.  We even came across a couple walking the course in reverse.  The man recognized Bill from a year ago, at a Toastmaster's meeting.

The big theme today was cats.  We saw cats in windows, in yards, in the streets.  We also saw orange flowers everywhere (cosmos flowers?)  Bisbee is colorful year round, but the orange stood out.

It took us 1:53 hours to walk the stairs this time.  We went our separate ways once done, and I went to have breakfast at the Blue Royale.  I've been wanting to try that place out all summer!  The owner is from San Diego and I overheard him talking with visitors from a nearby coastal town.  I had a tasty chicken sandwich and left by 9am, just before the pregame crowd.